Xiaomi RedMi 1s review after 125 days

Here is my review of Xiaomi Redimi 1S after using it for 105 days. I bought this mobile in first stock (September 2nd 2014) and never rooted.

So this my brief (personal) review. Let's say OPINION regarding Xiaomi Redmi 1S. In July ,2014 I was looking for a decent phone (cheap). Was stuck on Moto E and Micromax Unite 2 but then heard about Xiaomi CHINESE Brand or APPLE Of china and blah blah. Searched about it, many articles told Redmi 1S has superb specs and awesome price (6999) (previously). Perfect rival of Moto E. Decided to take a chance as the camera of Moto E is not upto the par. Then the date of launching announced. With reduced price tag of "5999". Next i registered it and Bang! Got it on first sale. Delivered on 9th September.  

Experience and complaints

1. Superb smooth touch no issues with it, except while charging.
2. Best display quality in class 720p video looks amazing. (large enough).
3. Again best in class camera.(secondary + front) both.
4.MIUI Themes and wallpapers at one place. (MI-official).
5. Very good sound quality using earphones (I am using Piston 2)
6. Two-three more small features. Like-- connection speed, compass, incoming call notification comes at top while using app, music shake to change, music doesn't stops suddenly but slightly dims. (many more ..Redmi users comment if you can)

What I don't like

1. Heavy to carry.
2.Battery backup. Drains way faster when connected to wi-fi or watching videos (increased little bit after v45 update)
3. Heating issue
4. Fear what will happen if it stopped working..DEAD Or anything.....??!!!!
5." FRIENDS REACTION "after hearing its name..
Me: xiaomi...
Frnd: saaomi???? (* girls specially)
Me: its sha-o-mi
Frnd: JA -yo-mi..
Me: ***k.
And after telling them its Chinese brand.
Frnd: Oh!! thats why so cheap.



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