Inferno novel story in short and review

Dan Brown and Inferno Book Cover
Inferno review:
Pages - 480
Required time to read - 40 hours
Total chapters - 104
Ages - 15 - 45

It is written by Dan Brown, a well known American authour. Most of the novels written by him are best seller. Stories in all his novels will be different but the theme will be like treasure hunt game. It will be like main character will be searching for some object, to get that object he/she needs to solve the clue.

Story of Inferno: 
There is a scientist who worry about the future of the world. His worries are about the increasing population in the world. He wanted to reduce the one third of the population by some means. He discovers a virus which helps to achieve his mission. He believes that reducing population can enhance the man kind.

In medieval period, Europe people had died due to a disease call Black Death. They are not able to find the reason behind Black Death. However after the Black Death Renaissance period was formed. Renaissance means new life. After Renaissance period Europe became prosperous and fertile.

This idea made the scientist to create new virus. As he thought he will create virus and spread it to the world. The rest of the story is what the virus do and will it be able to reduce population.

1. Most of the chapters were interesting to read.
2. Secrets and suspense were maintained till end of the story.
3. Will make us to feel like we are in Florence (in Italy) as the story explains nook and corner of Florence.

1. Half of the book explains about arts and paintings of Florence city.

It is a thought provoking book and makes you to think what-happens-next. Will make you to discover new things happening around the world.

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