Honda Brio VS Hyndai i10 which is best car?

Honda Brio VS Hyndai i10 - This both are eye catching cars in 4 - 6 lakh range. Let's see the simple comparision of this cars.

Car Model  Honda Brio Hyndai i10
Price Rs. 4.20 to 6.20 lakh Rs.3.8 to 6.3 lakh 
Milage 19.4 Kmpl for Petrol 19.8 Kmpl for Petrol, 15.3 Kmpl for LPG
Plus Mechanical functions (engine performance) is good. More spacious and
comfort. Easy to take deep turns.
Provided with more equipments. Easy to drive and handle. Large boot space
(rear part of car where we keep luggages)
Minus Miss equipments like parking sensor, Bluetooth, Electric mirrors.  Mechanically weak when compared to Brio.
Transmission type Automatic and Manual Automatic and Manual
Fuel  Availabe in petrol Available in petrol and LPG

Which one to choose?
Both cars are value for money. It has got best features for the price pack.

Honda Brio:
This car has good mechanical power and focused more on mechanical parts. You can drive smooth even at high speed. It is best for highway roads. The car is more spacious for persons. It is achieved by reducing the space for luggages. There is less space for luggages. It is  not possible to fit big trolleys. However it provides space for 3 - 6 normal travel bags. Above all it has got beauty in its back, its rear view is different and attractive.

Hyndai i10:
Instead of providing more mechanical power, Hyndai has provided more equipments. Outer appearance is not so pleasing but its has good inner look. There is more space in its rear, huge luggages can easily fit to it. There is enough space for persons but not so comfort. This car is good to drive in city (traffic) roads. It loses its stability when car moves fast (above 80 KM). Hyndai provides 13 variants which includes LPG fuel type car.

Choosing the car is up to the user. I opt for Honda Brio for its look, comfort and engine.

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