Lumia 520: Unable to find a bootable option - solution

My Lumia 520 suddenly got off and showing this error message

ERROR: Unable to find a bootable option. Press any key to shut down.

Its not restarting just showing this message.

Error Screenshot:


You can try recovering your software by Lumia software recovery tool or take it to Nokia care. It seems that you have downloaded Windows 10. 

If your phone doesn't get detected in your computer then you can visit Nokia or Microsoft care. They will recommend you to buy new one. Microsoft is yet to find solution of this. I did everything that I should have done for revival of my phone. Yet nothing happened. I moved on and brought 730.

Hard reset or recover it not going to work. Service center would charge around 3.5k so last option is to dispose it and go for new one. Many user found same problem. This is cause from overheat. After heavy use, processor is getting hot and affect your storage chip. When storage chip was broken, your phone cannot detect OS inside.

Solution is changing motherboard which will cost you Rs.2.5k to Rs.3.5k depending on your locality. 

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