Which is best Redmi 1S headphone?

Best Redmi 1S headphones
Xiaomi MI piston: Obviously, Xiaomi MI piston headphone gets huge vote from Redmi users. But the problem is that this headphones are not available every time. They usually go out of stock. It forces Redmi users to choose an alternative. Here you will find some alternatives for MI piston.

I picked the alternative based on the voting by Redmi users. Only the headset which managed to get 4000+ votes are mentioned here. The headsets mentioned here are the best as per the data but not by my opinion.

Let's see what voters say about this headset.

Tekfusion - Twinwoofers (Rs.1000 - Rs.1700)
This headset got 5032 votes and stands number 1. Don't get offended, I never heard of this brand. I thought popular brands like JBL or SkullCandy will be number 1. It's good to see there are some products which deserve top position.

Positive opinions about Tekfusion - Twinwoofers

1. People are happy with Bass. I can see most of them mentioned it has good bass.
2. It has good build quality and value for money.
3. Good to listen songs with metal, R&B and trances genere.
4. Headset is comfortable to wear.
5. One of the best Redmi 1S earphone under Rs.2000.
6. Clarity is awesome.

Negative optinions

1. One user mentioned that he was using Klpisch S4i and it seems it performs better. It should be noted that Klpisch S4i is costlier (Rs.5000). He also mentioned that it is good for the price.
2. Treble is too high.

Cowon EM1 (Rs.600 to Rs.800)
This headset got few votes (5011) lesser than Tekfusion and stands second. The positive opinions were similar to above headset like sufficient bass, noise isolation, value for money and no distortion.

Negative optionions about Cowon EM1

Many commented about the build quality, it felt cheap. Wires are rubbery, sticks with wires when tangled. It is uneasy to untagle this headset. But for the price range Rs.500 to 800 it can be ignored.

JBL T-100A (Rs.600 to Rs.800)
This popular brand got 4200 votes and stands third. People liked about the pause/play,change song,receive/end call option. Those options work great with Redmi 1S. The headset I mentioned above doesn't have this option. This is the best headset for Redmi 1S with call and music buttion options.

Negative opinion:

Cable is short. Many commented that the sound quality was average.

I know you'll be confused with which headset to choose. What I can say is, if you don't want to compromise quality go for Tekfusion - Twinwoofers. Because the data says they are very much satified with build quality. If you are looking budget headset then obviously the winner is Cowon EM1. If you are looking for beauty/style/design then it will be JBL T-100A. Many added, Red color JBL is too attractive.

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