error in Redmi 1S - Solved


Recently I updated my phone with latest play store. After, I started to see the error message unfortunately has stopped. Below is the screenshot.

I get this error message whenever I try to add account and when I lauch some of the apps like Google Play Store and Google Chrome browser.

The error message keep on pops out make me annoy. However the Play Store will lauch after I press the OK button in error message. So it doesn't impact me much.

To solve this issue, I uninstalled the updates of Play Store from the application manager (you can find in settings). I tried factory resetting, flashed custom ROM but none helped.

Finally, I took help of Google and found a easy fix. Luckily, it worked for me.


In settings, go to application manager. Swipe towards left until you see all applications on the screen, you'll find it after RUNNING. Click the menu button (Xiaomi's physical button with 4 lines). There you will see the option 'reset app preferences'. Click on it, the issue get resolved.

Note:I was using Mokee ROM during the fix.

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