Mokee ROM android version 5.1.1 for Redmi 1S download

Today I installed Mokee 51‬.1 Nightly for Redmi 1S. This ROM is built on Android 5.1.1. In this article I have shared the screenshot and download link.


Download Link -

Above is direct link, clicking on it will download Mokee 51.1 ROM.

There is improvement from Mokee ROM android version 5.1.0. Lags are reduced. I used 5.1 gapps which is compatible with this ROM running Android version 5.1.1.

Some Pros of Mokee ROM Android V5.1.1:

  1. No lags, when 3 apps opened at same time (MXPlayer, WhatsApp and Evernote)
  2. Camera quality is improved
  3. Battery backup lasts for 11 hours approx with intermittent Wi-Fi connection
  4. Doesn't lag while charging 

Update - Mokee release version launched:

Mokee release version download -

Improvements made:
  • NO random reboot
  • Better than any rom.....even better tgan cm12.1 r4 & r5
  • Release version is more stable than Nightly. Using for last few days. No bug
  • Wifi suspend after screen off problem solved

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