Best tech website in India

Whether you are going to buy a phone or tablet, we approach Google. But it requires good searching skills to get the information we need. If I search for mobile, Google will show results from all the country. Due to this I started following some particular websites to get tech information.


I think it is famous website for technology related news. Two years back, I shortlisted and bought a tablet by following the review in their site. Trust me, the tablet is no so popular, people will skip to buy as it looks cheap Chinesse tablet. Turns out, it performs awesome. The price of the tablet was Rs.4000 and never believed that it will perform as written in the review.


If you have visited newspaper stall in railway station, you might have probably seen a magazine named Digit. The contents in the magazine are sourced from their website Digit. I usually visit this website to check out new gadgets that arrived India.

Economic Timea:

I know Economics Time covers mostly about stock market. But you should never miss the tech section in slideshow. I always love their slideshows, as there will be less content and more image. Who cares to read a lengthy article?

I used to visit fiddle all their slidshows. However Car and Tech section are my favorites.


Labnol is technically Life Hacker kind of website. It gives you information about technology that you use in real life. For example I have learn how to send automatic email from Google Doc. There are many such tips and tricks kind of article which will based on technology and used in our real life.

 Share the best tech website which I missed and you find them interesting. 

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