Automate mouse and keyboard actions - Software

I recently came across a software named AutoIT which is a scripting tool to control your mouse. You heard it right, using this software you can move your mouse pointer and perform actions like single click, double click and scroll. You can perform a lot using the AutoIT tool. I use AutoIT to to perform below task.

Automate game play (Tribal Wars)

You can automate any browser game. The above videos is the tutorial to automate Tribal Wars game.

Automate Excel:

We use Excel everday for our office work. Autoit is good tool to automate repetitive task. Above video is a small demonstration of what can be done with Autoit.

Simple tutorial to get started:

Previous videos are long and not so easy to understand. The above video is the simple tutorial, a hello world kind of program in Autoit. You can watch above video to understand more about Autoit.

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