Buy Google Nexus 7 in India

Buy Nexus 7 in India: As I said Nexus 7 will be available only though online means in India. Here I have given the details about where to buy the Nexus 7 tablet PC by google through online. We cant buy this tablet simply by the knowing online shopping. So I have listed the online shops who sells Nexus 7 tablet. Below is the list


I have spotted this Nexus 7 only in this three sites. Nexus 7 price in India is 16952 at India times for 7 GB and for 16 GB it costs you 22,500 Indian rupee at tradus. Below I have provided the full tariff details.

Google Nexus 7 cost  at India Times online shopping:
In India Times online shopping site you can buy Asus Nexus 7 for 16,952 as a full payment or you can buy this tablet by means of EMI. For 3 moths EMI you need to pay Rs. 5,651 per month and for six month EMI you should pay Rs.2,825 per month. This site assures you that they will deliver their goods within 15 days. This is a 8GB nexus tablet.

Nexus 7 cost at eBay
There are many sellers who sells Nexus 7 8GBat eBay. Here this tablet cost you Rs. 17,690 as a one time payment. This site also provides you EMI facility with Rs. 5,896 for 3 months and Rs.2,948 for six months. 16GB tablet is not available in this site. But in future you can check to get the one of this type.

Tradus offers for Nexus 7:
Here you can buy the 16GB nexus tablet for Rs. 22,500. For 8GB they cost you Rs. 16,990. EMI options in tradus involves  Rs. 5,663 per month for 3 month installment and Rs 7,500. per month for 6 month installment.

On the whole India Time cost you less. Soon book your tablet. But in other countries it was priced 200 dollars if we convert this to Indian currency it costs only 11,000 Indian rupee. So I think it is good idea to buy from American sites like Amazon. For 16K you can also go for good tablets other than Asus Nexus.

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