iPad Mini release date

iPad Mini release date: We are not sure about is there anything like iPad mini. We have already discussed about iPad mini in our site. Now the new rumor is its release date. It is considered that it would reach market on Q3 or Q4. iPad mini has got small screen with only 7inch. It was considered as the rival to Kindle fire tablet at the beginning. But after the launch of Nexus 7 it was now heavy competition to iPad mini. Apple's target is to gain the middle cost tablet. But due to launch of Nexus 7 there is a doubt in Apple retaining in Tablet market.

If iPad Mini is launched then Microsoft's Surface Tablet will surely covers the whole Tablet market. It got screen size with 10inch above. Two versions of Surface Tablet Windows 8 and Windows RT will be available with one priced high and one priced average. Now there is a impression like there is no tablet PC in 10 inch size to compete Microsoft.

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