Nokia will launch Android mobile in future reason unveiled

Nokia Android Phones: During the launch of Android OS, Nokia reported to the media like they wont launch Android mobile they will be unique in their OS. This scenario came to an end due to Microsoft decision.

Reason for Nokia will launch Android mobile in future:
Recently after Microsoft launched their Surface Tablet, Bill Gates decided to design their own hardware like the way Apple do. Bill Gates stated that designing their hardware with respect to the software will increase the efficiency. We can design perfect hardware what the OS needs. Also now they launched their Windows 8 OS. This same OS will be available in all their Microsoft Products like Mobile, Tablet PC and Laptops in future. So far they have used several companies (OEM) like Dell, Nokia for the Software. Now Microsoft decided to design their own hardware as said before.

They frankly said there won't be any tie up with Nokia for their Windows Mobile. Nokia has decided if Microsoft fails to sell their software they move to Android OS.

There is no update for current Lumia mobiles. Only Samsung W and Dell Venue Pro got Window Tango update.  

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