Motorola new logo mixed with Google colors

Motorola's mobile division was sold to Google since after the split. Then its name seems to be disappeared. But this week, the Motorola mobile suddenly "comeback", and a new attitude in the people's vision. Today, the new Motorola mobile LOGO was exposed. Compared to the previous LOGO, the new LOGO was more beautiful. Despite the well-known M LOGO still exists other things has been changed. Rich colors make the new LOGO looks more dynamic. The slogan under the icon you can see, the current move is part of Motorola's Google. The logo first appeared on Techweek website, but later in the week at the Chicago Technology Week officially unveiled on the LOGO. It seems Motorola has mobile division has got a rebirth. There are rumors that Motorola's new smart phone MOTO X will be released in August, which is the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google.

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