SoftSound introduced speaker pillow wirelessly connect to a TV

Before going to sleep a lot of people like to listen to music or watch TV. Most of them prefer to listen music through headphone or to sit near speaker. To avoid this SoftSound introduced a speaker pillow.

SoftSound speaker pillow will use bio-sensing technology. The foam and speaker are set in together. Two speakers are kept on the two corners of pillow and so there won't be any interference. There is option for mono and stereo. You can connect using wire and also wireless. This pillow has built-in amplifier. It comes with accessories including remote control and the RF transmitter. The speaker pillow has no built-in battery, you need four AA batteries. The speaker pillow also supports timer off function that allows you to sleep accompanied by music.

SoftSound speaker pillow priced $ 129.99, or about Rs. 8000.

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