YU Yuphoria video tutorials and faqs

This post will cover basic question asked about YU Yuphoria like how to root, install recovery, flash rom, etc.

Video tutorials:

1. How to Root - https://goo.gl/NeEznA
2. How to Install TWRP recovery - https://goo.gl/xZbqjA
3. How to Install ROM - https://goo.gl/0nCqWV
4. How to Get Volte - https://goo.gl/IgKGoZ
5. Install Xposed on any rom - https://goo.gl/DX3N3X
6. Unbrick / Fix Bootloop using TWRP - https://goo.gl/YPnKQj
7. Unbrick Hard-bricked Yuphoria - https://goo.gl/0Yh3fK
8. Best Android 7.1 ROM - https://goo.gl/5tyyP2
9. How to Flash MIUI ROM - https://goo.gl/vXeEpM
10. How to Change Fonts - https://goo.gl/chi5Lf

FAQ related to Yuphoria :

1. Does it support OTG?
Ans : Nope. So don't keep asking for it.

2. How to flash 64 BIT rom on YU5010A?
A: First flash 64 BIT converter zip then flash rom file

3. How to save battery?
A: Use Greenify

4. Phone is heating too much?
A: It's because it has a Snapdragon processor which tends to heat.

5. I have white lines on display
A: It is because of heating and you probably have used a Tempered Glass on your phone. Go to service centre to fix it.

6. How to unlock bootloader of YU5010A
A: It is already unlocked in YU5010A. No need to unlock it.

7. Can I root YU5010A without PC?
A: Some have rooted their YU5010A using Kingroot but I recommend the PC method because it is proper root.

8. Can we flash YU5010 supportable roms on YU5010A?
A: Obviously. They are both the same. Their OS is only different.

9. Yuphoria showing on Boot Animation / Stuck in Bootloop
A: Flash Fastboot rom using PC to fix.

10. Will Service Centre guys accept my phone if bootloader is unlocked?
A: Yes, they don't check for anything. If your phone is under warranty, they will fix it no matter what.

11. Does it support VoLTE?
A: Only 32 BIT roms like Stock Android, MIUI 7 and MIUI 8 roms are volte supported but recently a developer of Yu forums Rohan made 64 bit volte supported MIUI rom. Cyanogenmod roms like Resurrection Remix, AICP, etc doesn't support volte feature. You have to use Jio4GVoice app call through JIO sim.

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