Reasons your Upwork Account may get suspended

Recently, I started to get Google Now notification saying their Upwork account got suspended. Few days back I watched a video of guy explaining how his Upwork got suspended. And there are many other internet stories where I read about how their account got suspended and here I what I read most.

Due to client:

Many of the user got their account got suspended due to their client. If clients starts a dispute and gives some reason say this freelancer hacked my computer, boom you are suspended. So be careful when accessing clients infrastructure. If you notice the client behavior is not good don't hesitate to drop from the project.

High bidding and no project:

You may get suspended if you bid too many projects and get no job. To overcome this you can withdraw your bid if the client doesn't respond. Make sure you bid on projects where the chances of getting hired is maximum.
Age less than 18:
If Upwork come to know that your age is less than 18 then Upwork policy refrains users to not to bid on projects.

Asking client to pay via paypal:

If you ask the client to pay through payapl or other that Upwork you will immediately get suspended.

Getting low income:

Don't bid for projects like $5. This is seriously going to affect Upwork, other freelancers as well as yourself. Upwork make its earning from the commission. For $5 project you are actually giving very low commission to Upwork. Just discourage such projects. Only bid on those projects if you can complete in less than 30 minutes.

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