Can I switch to Blogger dynamic view? Does it alter Adsense earning?

Blogger Dynamic View problems: Blogger or Blogspot comes with lots of default template. Now recent html 5 era gave birth to Blogger dynamic view. First thing I preferred for this template is its beauty. Soon there won't be any importance to older html versions. Apart from all the advantages it faces some demerits too.

Blogger Dynamic View impact in adsense:
When I started blogging I used Simple template. Then after the Blogger Dynamic View template launch, I switched to it. At first I was astonished by the page views that shows in Blogger's stat. But the reality is its the fake count. In Blogger's stat it showed me 500 views but in adsense its just 50 views. I think its a bug. In this template you can't use statcounter. Statcounter doesn't support Blogger Dynamic View which is a big problem for Adsense user like me. Actually it reduced my visitors. So I recommend Adsense user not to switch their template frequently. Also in Simple template you can place your ad under heading, but you can't do this in Dynamic template. If you maintain your site something like GSM-Arena or The Verge, you can surely drive heavy traffic. Keeping in my mind, in future there will be more editing option in html 5, I applied this template to my site. Share your views about Dynamic View as a comment below.

Demerits of Blogger dynamic view:
First thing is you can't add all the gadgets you like. This dynamic view occupies the whole space and you gadgets remains unseen. Again, soon more users will switch to this template and there will be many customization.

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