Tizen 2.0 SDK download Magnolia version

Tizen 2.0 SDK - Last September 2012, Tizen 2.0 Magnolia version has appeared.  On that time there was not too much attention among the audience. After months of evolution, the new SDK and source code has been released. The open source OS version adds some of the new features from the previous one.  Some of the new features are enhanced support for HTML 5, the new web UI framework and it supports full-screen and multi-window. Developers can now get the new hardware API.  In order to develop the appropriate software you are provided with API's of device's phone records, calendar, and SMS. You can use this advantage using this Tizen 2.0 SDK.  It also provides a calendar, contacts, pictures, phone, set and video player API in default.

Tizen 2.0 SKD support background running applications, IP push, text-to-speech conversion function. This can be emulated in native IDE Project Wizard. If you are interested you can download the source code.

Tizen 2.0 SDK Download 
Source - Engadget

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