Nokia will push new technology solar charging phone

Nokia solar charging phone -  Nokia Lumia920 models bring wireless charging technology seems ready to join the solar charging function in future WP8 Nokia models. According to the the French website MonWindowsPhone reported, Nokia solar charging technology method is different from traditional solar cell phone, they use "WYSIPS" technology which has ability to charge the phone through screen. Nokia is working with a new energy company SunPartner Group cooperation for this new project. This new project Wysips called as What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface. This technology adds olar charging capability for smart phones. Using this technology the energy can produced using both natural light or artificial light.

The main advantage of this project is he cost is very low. Suppose if we apply this technology to  a 4 inch screen, it cost even less than $ 1. According to foreign websites WPCentral reported, Nokia will expose the prototype later this year.

After the release of the BlackBerry Q10, many people began to care about whether Nokia will launch Qwerty keyboard smartphone  in future. Nokia's product manager  disclosed the information that Nokia is not going to launch a full Qwerty keyboard phone in future. In future this company only focus on peripherals, camera and location-based service. It seems Nokia will introduce several new smart-phone in MWC2013. Also there won't be any tablet from Nokia for this MWC 2013.

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