Razer Ouroboros review a fantabulous gaming mouse

Razer Ouroboros review: In fact, Razer Ouroboros Aoluo Bo If the snake has been out for some time. It is the flagship mouse from Razer for this year. This is an ambidextrous mouse, you can adjust the length of the back arched to accommodate different hand sizes and grip styles. While looking at the package, you certainly would not think the box is filled with a mouse. Even if you know the Razer logo, then it is difficult to guess what was inside. The box is made of  high-density foam material, mouse outfit greeted at once.

Razer Ouroboros Price:
In US - $149.99
In India - Rs.7500 approx

Razer Ouroboros Advantages and Disadvantage:
Razer Ouroboros Pros:

  • Large sized, good for Palming.
  • Quite dense so its really smooth-textured on the pad.
  • Option to replace mouse bottoms. 
Razer Ouroboros Cons:
  • Misses switches on the right region.
  • Scroll wheel looks unfirm when in freewheel.
Razer Ouroboros Review:
First, let us pick up the battery, the battery is first installed in order to use the mouse. Fortunately, buyers can see manual, to find the the tail extends keys, and press in place, you can remove the tail panel; then, you can see the battery compartment cover, this time also need to slide up the entire door open a. Looks a bit complicated, but  this design also ensure the soundness of the entire structure. Battery Bahrain, closer inspection of the rear panel, you will find that it can be moved back and forth; adjustable range almost 15.5mm total of six stalls for you to choose, you can adjust the size of your palm The entire length of the mouse. Suddenly found the rear palm rest is a little high? It does not matter, it's the back cover tilt angle can be adjusted, players need only counterclockwise turning the mouse wheel cover silver, you can increase the angle of inclination, whereas the opposite.

After installing the battery, we needed to install the two side panels. If you are familiar with the Razer mouse, you should know the replacement is no additional screws or tools to support them directly through the magnets in the mouse main. There are a total of two sets of panels for options, one is for those the palm relatively large user ready, the shell surface using a matte coating and mouse body slightly derived finger rest; Thus, your fingers you can get a certain degree of contrast, more suitable for those slow-paced game, long grip can certainly rely on. Another look at the more compact side using a hexagon anti-slip texture rubber material, more suitable for fast-moving mouse when using just the right state to have a good grip.

Look at the battery indicator, its design beneath the scroll wheel with three grid: The bright full 3 grid 100-70% two cells is about 70% -30%, a grid, then only 30 % less than, less than 5% to be charged immediately when the final grid flashing. Near the charging cradle, the magnetic attraction of the mouse firmly adsorbed on the chassis on the charging cradle is also wireless connector base pairing key is pressed, and then hold down the mouse four side buttons (silver) for 5 seconds , you can achieve the wireless pairing.

Find the right side of the plate, finished adjusting the mouse length and palm rest height, you can seize Razer Aoluo Bo If the snake carefully scrutinize. Similarly, in the front, you can see a similar Taipan Wong snake mesh metal mesh grid modified; designed mainly to enhance the texture, as if the two eyes of a snake, very spiritual, but long need to wipe the dust. Look at the middle of the wheel design, topped with a row of three one salient points, the main purpose is non-slip; wheel on both sides there is a silver chrome layer, the green light shone through when there is a better texture (Razer The Taipan is no silver coating). Look at the lower back, and The Ouroboros Aoluo Bo If the snake with a 8,200 dpi 4G Dual Sensor system, which has been greatly improved compared to the previous Razer Mamba Mamba Cobra / the Imperator imperial python support surface calibration and custom The sensor in the uplift mouse stop working distance. Razer Ouroboros Aoluo Bo if snake supports up to 8,200 DPI than 6,400 DPI.

Look at the Razer Ouroboros Aoluo Bo DPI increased if the snake several function keys, the brunt of the front view of the wheel behind the mouse DPI adjustment button, the button is divided into two, the key process is very short press down very clear; while holding down / down key 3 seconds, you can turn on / turn off the mouse. In addition, from the side past the left and right sides of each forward / backward function keys; you can easily direct with your thumb or ring finger to press them (each finger grip mouse will be different), up from the keys feel see, very clear and crisp sound, is basically no different from other mouse and Razer. However, as a gaming mouse, there is a killer, and that is to have a hidden side buttons; Just from both sides inward force (the force needs to be relatively large, you may need some time to adapt to), you can trigger this the function of the buttons. Of course, when you do not lock key lock at the bottom of the bottom, you can avoid misuse.

Finally, talk about under control feel, Razer Ouroboros Aoluo Bo if a snake held in my hand, feeling a sense of a lot of weight, reached a weight of 135g with battery. The general feeling heavier than other mouse to point, if you previously used to 100g or less of the mouse, this time, you may need to adapt to the next. In addition, in order to smooth the mouse, you give it with a good mouse pad. The biggest benefit of this mouse is that you can adjust the size of your hand-adjust the vaulted master the inclination and the length of the rear panel (the size of its coverage: 122 mm to 137 mm / (length) x 71 mm / (W) x 42 mm / (H)). Whether the user is what palm-sized, and what kind of grip, the users can find the appropriate feel. The left and right mouse button is still adhering to the quality of the Razer pressed key way is clear, very crisp and force feedback in place. The scroll wheel position and strong sense of hierarchy, if you get used to the smooth axle may feel the prominent three grid a bit strange, but will bring a clear sense of where familiar.

Come talk about four side buttons, side buttons key way than the wheel after adjustment DPI buttons to be a little longer, we usually use the side buttons relatively low frequency, so the key away a little longer is understandable. Touches press into the feel will feel softer, but the feedback sense is quite in place. Relatively hidden side buttons feel would have seemed more tough point, which is, if not used in order to prevent misuse by a design to be a little more accustomed to time. If the snake Razer Ouroboros Aoluo Bo default refresh rate of 1,000 Hz, the mouse response time of less than 1ms, so speed is not an issue of manipulation in the game. Of course, if the wireless mode, then, when no electricity will have a little delay; this time you need to charge the mouse, you can place it on the charging cradle, or even on the cable to continue the game. New Razer mouse, this product also supports Synapse 2.0, allowing the players to the game configuration files, macros, and so set the parameters synchronization to the cloud. So long as you are familiar with the parameters was connected to the network can be synchronized to a new place, to maximize the simplified debugging peripherals process. Synapse 2.0 software will be updated frequently, but feeling upgraded server a bit slow.

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