Nokia 206 Dual SIM pros and cons

Nokia 206 Dual SIM: Nokia is good in basic handsets.  Nokia 206 Dual SIM or Nokia Asha 206 is a high configured stylish basic handset. Users seeking for functions like keypad mobile can choose this. Currently it is the slimmest and stylish handset with dual sim capability. There are many advantage and disadvantage of Nokia Asha 206 which I have given below.

Price of Nokia 206 - Rs.3599 (as mentioned in flipkart), retailers may sell this mobile at higher price.
Release date - November 2012.

Nokia Asha 206 Pros: 
1. Slim and stylish mobile with larger screen
2. Price is acceptable for this configuration
3. Options to install apps, Asha 206 runs S40 OS
4. Battery life is awesome
5. Current market is flooded with touch mobile, in this case Nokia 206 is best option to choose for a keypad mobile.

For this price range there's no keypad mobile available. Samsung offers some mobile but its no so good as Nokia. There are some Android mobile at this price range but it lacks quality. Nokia Asha 206 body feels good. Its keypad is quite awesome. I bought this mobile for basic use like SMS and call. The material used in the keypad has scratch proof, either ceramic or metal, no idea about the material used. You can type message faster without looking at the keypad. In touch mobile you need to keep an eye at keypad, it will be annoying while driving bike and walking. Keypad in Asha 206 is spacious. Whatsapp is not available in default but you can download it.

Skype is not available for this mobile. Infact you can't use it because there is no front cam in this mobile. Youtube streaming is not available in default browser but my friend found a trick to stream Youtube video in Nokia Asha 206, will discuss about it in separate post.

Nokia Asha 206 Cons:
 There is nothing to blame in features. Many users complained about camera, actually its unwanted feature for basic handset. Just think for a minute how many pictures have you taken with your old mobile? It may some numbers in digits, I guess. Also 1.3 MP camera doesn't affect the quality of image that you upload in Facebook and other social networking sites. Some of the serious problem I spotted is

1. No USB connection, it shocks me. I think mobile developers designed this mobile keeping USA consumers in mind. Americans use bluetooth connection to sync files with PC, so they may have removed this USB feature.  
2. I bought this mobile for SMS but it disappointed me at one place. There is no SMS navigation option. It means after you read a SMS you need to go back to inbox and view other SMS. In my old Samsung mobile you no need to go back to inbox, you can read other message just by clicking arrow key.
3. Ringtone is annoying me. Speakers are able to deliver high volume, but in case of ringtone (when someone calls) the volume rises slowly to maximum. I found this problem in all basic Nokia mobile phone. Actually its not problem for me, my parents feel this as a problem.

Nokia Asha 206 can I buy it?
Yes! when I showed out this mobile to my friends their reaction is awwww. If you are searching for a basic handset in the price range of Rs.3000 to Rs.4000 then go for this. There may be some disadvantage like absence of USB, but for this price range you can't miss this stylish mobile. There may be Android mobile at  Rs.3000 to Rs.4000 but you will hate it soon. My friend is crying with such Android mobile, it serious lack battery backup and it will not be so attractive, this makes to hate those mobile soon. More features at low cost will be dangerous trap so it is wise to choose mobile from trusted brand.

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