Windows RT tablet jailbreak can run exe file

Windows RT is similar to Android, iOS and other mobile phone operating system. But Windows RT has a bit difference from those mobile OS. It is basically a full-featured desktop operating system and is almost the same like Windows 8, but the only difference is it's designed for ARM processor rather than the x86 chip devices.

Unfortunately, most desktop Windows applications can't run on Windows RT for two reasons: they are not compiled for the ARM processor; Microsoft only allows RT users to install applications from the Windows Store and so they are unavailable to use desktop application.

But now, the the Windows RT jailbreak tool has emerged and some developers began to re-compile the application, so that they can be installed to the Microsoft Surface RT OS running tablets.

Using the jailbreak you can run many open source software and few Windows 8 application that are listed below.

  • 7-zip (archive tool)
  • Miranda IM (instant messaging client)
  • TightVNC (Remote Desktop client)
  • Quake 2 (first person shooter)

Interestingly, the list also have an x86 emulator, a DOSBox applications, as well as a Java application. The fact is they can make you to run a lot of other desktop applications in Windows RT device.

You can also run your favorite  applications like password manager, Keepass Portable, BitTorrent client, MonoTorrent, screencast application and IceChat etc.

You can get this RT jailbreak tool at XDA developers forum. Microsoft has officially announced that this tool is safe and said "these developers are encouraged to continue their efforts, and we will also introduce security measures to protect the security of user information."


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