Gigabyte S1185 & S1082 Ivy Bridge tablet specification

Gigabyte Windows 8 tablet: Windows 8 tablet can be described as the darling of the major manufacturers.Now Gigabyte has showed their interest in Windows 8 and released two products.
Launch date– Released on December 2012
Price – Rs.25000 for S1185 and Rs.40000 for S1062
Screen Size – 11.6 inches tablet
SIM card Slot – No

Gigabyte exposed their two new Windows 8 product at International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Gigabyte S1185 focus on ordinary consumer market and Gigabyte S1082 focus on business market. Believe that these two products can be a cause for concern in many Windows 8 tablet device.

S1185 uses a 11.6-inch 1080p HD display and the processor is powered by Intel Ivy Bridge processors. It is undeniable that it causes a problem in batteries life. It has got magnetic adsorption keyboard and optical finger navigation. I don't know about what is optical finger navigation technology. This technology is unclear and need to examine.

The S1082 uses a similar design, but the increased feature in mobile data and network connectivity. It has 500GB HDD hard drive.

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