Nokia lumia 41 megapixel camera phone price

Nokia lumia 41 megapixel camera price: Nokia Lumia series phone loaded with 41 mega pixel camera is the voice of lot of people, and Nokia seems to enhance the attractiveness of the new generation of the flagship model. Few days ago, the news from foreign website “The Verge” disclosed that Nokia is developing a real system PureView WP8 mobile phone, and plans to market later this year. According to official sources, this new mobile's internal code named as "EOS", will be equipped with 41 mega pixel camera which will similar to the Nokia 808 PureView. Price of Lumia 41 megapixel will be more than $800 (Rs.40,000) and above.


  • 41 MP camera
  • PureView technology
  • Windows Phone 8 OS
Other specs will be exposed soon. 

Once in the industry, the emergence of the Nokia 808 PureView had 41 mega pixel camera which didn’t have any effect is somewhat disappointing. Now Nokia’s focus is fully on Windows 8 mobile and they need to be different from other WP8 mobile. So they are going to implement their PureView technology in upcoming WP 8 mobile. I collected few information from the website The Verge, reported as, Nokia’s new WP 8 mobile with PureView technology has similar image sensor to Nokia PureView 808.  Its internal code named as "EOS" and the shell of the phone is made of aluminium alloy material.

This rumor is also updated in Italy smartphone website. Nokia will expose this mobile at MWC 2013 it seems. Hope this will be a upgraded mobile of Nokia Lumia 920. Nokia is going to release six Lumia series in this year (2013) with PureView technology.

Nokia Windows RT tablet was confirmed but still it’s not released. But soon this both device, mobile and tablet will be exposed. This upgraded version of Nokia Lumia 920 will also available in contract with U.S. carrier AT & T.

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