Nokia Windows RT Tablet

Nokia Tablet: Nokia recently made a tie up with Windows now started to produce their Windows RT tablets. News regarding their tablet is already published. Now this tablet is showcased in CES 2013. CES is a consumer electronics expo where new mobile phones and tablets will be shown like a exhibition. Details I got regarding this tablet is below.

Screen size: 10.1 inches
Resolution: Unknown
Processor: Qualcomm the Xiao Long S4 dual core processor
Running memory: Unknown
Storage space: unknown
Camera: 8 million pixels
Ports: Two USB interface
Operating system: Windows RT
Battery Capacity: unknown
Price: Unknown (will be Rs.40,000 and above)

Nokia invested their money in Microsoft and launched variety of WP based mobile. Nokia concentrated only on producing mobile phones now they stepped onto tablet pc production. Lumia series phone has a good appearance and so Nokia tablet PC's will also looks great. Only confirmed specification of Nokia tablet is the 10.1 inch display. Soon there will be official intimation. In addition, there is news that Nokia has abandoned plans to release new products at CES this year. They will be fought in the Barcelona Mobile World Assembly (MWC). But regardless of this news is true, we still hope that this has been confusing product can appear earlier.

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