Oral B S15.523 electric sonic toothbrush

Oral B S15.523 - There is a saying "toothache is not a disease", but if the  pain becomes so terrible we feel for it. Everyday we brush to protect our teeth from germs. Medical studies have shown that only by adhering to brush your teeth more than two minutes will play an effective cleaning of the teeth. It is difficult to adhere to brush your teeth for more than two minutes, manual brushing for two minutes causes arm ache. Clean teeth rely on the physical friction between the bristles and teeth, this traditional way of brushing cause damage in gums.

Official Price: $ 499

Sonic toothbrush working
Sonic toothbrush generate a high frequency ultrasonic vibration, and this vibration is a kind of acoustic energy. The vibration frequency lower than 20000 Hz (maximum human auditory) belongs to ordinary sonic, vibration frequency over 20,000 Hz belong to ultrasonic. This ultrasonic vibration is generated using a transducer installed in the toothbrush. Vibration generated by this toothbrush will produce a cavitation effect. The ultrasonic cavitation effect cause formation of numerous tiny bubbles, these bubbles are capable to flush your teeth in every nook and corner. Once you place your sonic toothbrush, bubbles are formed and then burst instantaneously. Brushing by this toothbrush can prevent several tooth disease like tooth plaque, tartar and imperceptible.

Oral-B sonic toothbrush looks like a ordinary toothbrush. Sonic vibration were generated once you connect it to the power supply. This toothbrush will generate more than 27,000 vibrations per minute. Within a minute this toothbrush capable to produce clean and whiter teeth. Oral-B S15.523 sonic toothbrush provides a pleasant and powerful brushing. It is a first toothbrush to deliver sonic power of  27,000 per minute. It can easily clean food debris,  tooth plaque and stains. It makes your teeth clean and healthy.

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