BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with BB10 OS

BlackBerry PlayBook running BB10 OS: Production for PlayBook tablet with BB10 has started. Financial results of BlackBerry were as follows:

Third quarter of 2012 - 255,000 units sold
Fourth quarter of 2012 - 130,000 units sold

Among most of their sales, majority goes to PlayBook. This tablet was heavily criticized while comparing with Apple ipad, but they satisfied their customer with frequent updates, bug fixes and adding features. This laid a solid foundation for the PlayBook tablets. Due to frequent support, positive comments from the user were exposed.
In 2011, PlayBook made a great efforts to sell their tablet with various discount and promotions during major festivals this year. This increased the PlayBook tablet usage by the consumers. Those users will surely eager to have a tablet with BB10 OS.

RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins said the company will make every effort to BlackBerry 10 advocacy and support. They has been ready for investing a lot of money into marketing in BlackBerry 10.

We can expect this tablet soon in America, Canada, China and India.

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