Get $25 by installing Gift Voucher app - Windows Phone

How will you feel if you get a paid app for free? There is an app in Windows Store developed by Nokia which provides you gift voucher. It is a cash credit voucher using it you can buy paid apps for free. This gift voucher available only for selected Lumia phone.

App download link -

This gift is available for Lumia 1520.This gift is not available popular models like Lumia 520, Lumia 720, Lumia 625, Lumia 1020 etc. You will come to know when you try to download from the app store. It it says 'Your Phone is not supported' then you can't avail this offer.

Gift worth:

For people in USA you will get $25 and for India you will get Rs.1500. This amount will be credited in your Wallet app. So using the app you can purchase any app you wish. There is no restriction for app purchase. You can buy games too. 

Expiry date:

There is expiry date for this gift. Details will be available once you download app and cash get credited.

Check out the app I downloaded for $25 here.


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