Download BBM app for Windows Phone

BBM Windows Phone - BlackBerry made an announcement that it is developing BBM for Windows Phone. This app will be available to the users June or July 2014. BlackBerry officials also added that this software will be available by default in selected Nokia phones. Future Nokia phones like X, XL, Asha series may get BBM by default. It is similar to WhatsApp for Nokia devices.

Download Link - Yet to be launched.

How it works:
If you are new to hear about BBM, not a problem, let me explain about its usage. It is very similar to WhatsApp. BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger. This WhatsApp like messenger was previously available only in BlackBerry mobile phone. Recently it made its debut in Android, iOS and soon in Windows Phone. Using this app you can send text, photos and files. You will be provided with unique PIN after registration and that pin is used to login. The PIN act as your user id. To add a friend you should know his/her BBM PIN. It is like traditional account where you want to add all your friends by your own. But in WhatsApp it looks up your contact and if the contact is using WhatsApp you can directly chat with them without any restrictions.

Is it great app:
Many users love BBM for its fast and secure. It is very popular messenger way before the launch of WhatsApp. We can say BlackBerry phone got famous because of its BBM feature. It allowed the user to save money as BBM uses internet to send text or files. The big advantage in BBM is you can send any file type unlike with WhatsApp you can send only audio or video. Yes, this is a great app which is as fast as WhatsApp.

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