Improvements made in Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5: It is the successor of all Galaxy S series. It is one of the most interested premium smart phone. Many were confused with iPhone 5S or Galaxy S5. It seems Galaxy S5 has already crossed iPhone 5S market in United States of America. People are showing much interest in this mobile, so lets see what makes this mobile interesting.

Launch date February 2014
SIM Single, Micro
Display 5.1 inch
OS Android KitKat

Improvements in Galaxy S5:
Galaxy S5 inherited its look from Galaxy Note except the round edges. Faux-chrome panel is used in its rear which is adopted by recent Galaxy mobiles. There are improvements in S5 but those features are well known. It will be the arguably a role model to other Android phone. Fingerprint scanner is a new guest to Android smartphone. TouchWiz user interface is tweaked to make access frequent apps easier. Apps like time, alarm, location and weather are bought to home screen. Like eye-tracking in Galaxy S3, head tracking is introduced in S5.  Many minor but useful improvements are made which can see below.

Keyboard Layout Numpad is right in the top of alphabets. It is easy to enter password since most of the login mandates numericals in password.
Looong Batery life Turn on battery saver that turns your screen black and white. It also restricts app usage. With 20 percent pattery you can use the phone for 5 hours. Its incredible.
Finger Scanner Paypal payments can be made which is not possible in other mobile with finger scanner.
Quick Settings Access to settings and control center were made easier and accessable while running apps.
Health Monitoring App that monitor heart rate is included. More health related apps available under S Health.

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