Drawbacks in Windows 8.1 Phone update

Windows 8.1 update drawback: Many new features were added in Windows 8.1 update for Windows Phone. New features in the OS are action center, Cortana voice assistant app, volume controls, user preferred tiles and new music player. I was impressed with the new look of Windows 8.1. It is actually felt great when I sucessfully updated my phone to Windows 8.1. After using the phone for 5 days I found many minor bugs. Let me share those challenges faced after updating my phone to Windows 8.1.

Windows Phone 8.1 cons:
1. Keyboard layout is updated in WP 8.1. In previous keyboad comma ',' key will be primary view, after update I have to go to number mode to use comma.
2. Battery backup is affected slightly. Before update my mobile gives me 12+ hours battery backup. After update it is giving me less that 12 hours.
3. I lost the Facebook chat which will be available in Messaging.

Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center
Install it or ignore update:
The cons I mentioned doesn't impact our everyday activity. Battery backup can be get to normal by activating battery saver and disabling background apps. If you know to install the update then go for it. If you are feeling nervous to install update then wait till December 2014, by that time official Windows 8.1 will be launched.


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