Windows Phone WhatsApp release date

I am one of the user who un-installed WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Every day I check the store to see whether WhatsApp is available or not. You all know till now the WhatsApp is not available in the store. As usual I check forums and few blogs to get to know the information about WhatsApp. After that I came to know that they are myths.

Myths about WhatsApp:

WhatsApp will be released with Windows 8.1:
I am sure that it is nothing to do with Microsoft. WhatsApp belongs to Facebook and they need to decide when to launch. Microsoft is nowhere related to WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp is removed?

Several issues were found in WhatsApp like sudden crashes, improper notification and several minor bugs. So they decided to pull off this app from Windows Phone. However they promised they will publish the app again in Windows store once the issues has been fixed. No timeline has been provided and whatever date you found in blogs or forums is just their predictions. 

Microsoft answers for WhatsApp:

I found a answer in Microsoft forum written by Microsoft technician Eli A. Below is the screenshot. 

Some alternatives of WhatsApp:

However there are several alternatives for WhatsApp, your colleague  should also have the same app to communicate. Most widely used messenger next to WhatsApp is Facebook. You can use Facebook messenger for Windows Phone. Other alternatives are Skype, Viber, Line, WeChat and so on. Choose the app depending on what maximum of your friends has. 

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