Battery Monitoring app for Windows Phone

Just by looking at the battery indicator we can't judge the backup time. Here is the app for Windows Phone user which shows you battery power left depending on the usage. To make it clear it will show you the remaining music playback time, video playback time, internet usage time and system usage time. Still confused, look at the image below.
Name of the app - Battery+ 8.1
Download link -

Is my phone compatible?

All phones run Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are compatible. This app is less than 1 MB and it consumes RAM in KB. This is really nice app to get all the details about battery. So you can predict when your battery gets drown. For every 30 minutes battery status will be updated. The best part is, after installing this app you get tiles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services. So you no need  to get inside settings to turn on/off these services.

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