Nokia Lumia 920 VS iPhone 5S funny comparison - Troll iPhone

Windows Phone started to get good reception from users. I have found a funny comparison in e-Commerce between Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5S. I have given it here

Nokia Lumia 920 VS iPhone 5S

Lumia 920 iPhone 5S
Master Maps Mess-up Maps
Offline GPS iLost
Public transit guide for global traveler iLonely and secretly flirt with Siri
PureView Camera PurpleView Camera
Clear lowlight photos My party photos are drunker(fuzzier) than yours
Anti-scratch Full-Scratch
Survives a fall The poor pretty thing!
Gets the job done What job?
Good for normal people Good for Apple worshipers
Nokia: "Sorry, we will update" Apple: "You're holding it wrong!"
Clear view under direct sunlight Is my phone on?
4.5" viewing asset Squint retinally
Wireless charger Where is my this-year's-special cable?
Touchscreen wearing gloves Cut a hole on glove

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