Download free Spider Man game for Windows Phone

I found a free Spider Man game in Windows Phone store. Actually it is not the original Spider Man you are looking for. The original version is named as The Amazing Spider-Man developed by Gameloft. The problem is this game requires 1 GB RAM plus this game cost you some bucks. As an alternative you can try this Kellogg's Amazing Spider-Man 2™.

Download link - Kellogg's Amazing Spider-Man 2™ 
Size - 65 MB
Supported phones - All Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Phone.


Like all other Windows Game there is no lack for graphics. It has good graphics that you won't regret for downloading this game. I have also shared the screenshots below. The best part of the game is, it is filled with fun. The game concept is also unique. In this game you are not going to control the Spider Man, it is like first person shooter game (i.e) you will be the Spider Man. In this game you can also palace your face instead of spidey's face. 

Overall it is a good game to kill time.

How to Play:

Defend yourself from the enemy by using web power. Enemies emerges from different place, locate them and attack. Phone's accelerometer is used to move around. You can get to know the game once you finish the demo levels. 

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