Turn off beep sound while dialing the numbers in Windows Phone

When I dial numbers to make phone call it makes beep-beep-beep sound which is annoying. I thought only way to turn off the sound is to keep my phone in silent mode. I thought the other solution is to download a third party app to turn-off the beep sound. I found out there is option in Settings to turn off the sound.

Issue: How to turn of Beep sound while dialing the numbers


1. Open Settings -> Ringtones + Sound
2. Under Play a sound for heading you will find Key Press
3. Un-check the key press option

There is bunch of options in Settings. It takes time to discover the exact option in the big list. In Android the settings will be available in categories and it look easy. There are some third party apps in Windows like Hardware Tests that makes some settings easier to launch. 

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