How to access internet in TV? Device to convert normal TV to Smart TV

Have you thought about watching YouTube videos in your normal TV? Do you know there is a device which can covert your normal TV to Smart TV? Here I have came up with new device which is going to change your normal TV to Smart TV. Let's first understand what Smart TV does.  Using Smart TV you can access internet. There will be apps like YouTube, Netflix pre-installed. You can open the app and stream videos. You can also listen to music if Spotify app is installed. So the whole idea is to give internet access to TV that makes Smart TV. This can be done by a device called Chromecast a Google product.

Who can buy Chromecast:

The use of Chromecast is to turn your normal TV to smart TV. However your TV should have following feature.

USB Port - For power supply to Chromecast
HDMI Port - For streaming video.

Internet via Wi-Fi Router
If you can see the two ports in your TV, you have internet connectivity via Wi-Fi Wi-Fi and if you can afford $35 you can buy this device.

How to use Chromcast:

Connecting Chrome cast to TV takes less than a minute. Plug in the Chromecast device to HDMI port. Then use the USB cable to provide power supply to the Chromecast. Chromecast looks exactly like a pendrive. It has HDMI port in the front and USB port at its back. See the below image for connection.

Chromecast Connection
My diagram looks difficult but it takes matter of seconds. Now the TV shows a message like 'ready to cast'.

How to control:

For controlling Chromecast you need either Android/iOS device or Chrome browser in any desktop operating system. Chrome browser is available for Windows, Linux distros like Ubuntu, Fedora. So it is not a problem to stream internet content in your TV. Let me explain how to control Chromecast using Google Chrome browser.

Using Chrome Browser:

For Chrome Browser, download 'Google Cast' from Chrome store.
You can see the icon as circled in the image after installing Google Cast extension to Chrome browser. If you click on the Google Cast icon it will show your Chromecast device. You can cast your entire browser or the webpage you want to cast. So once you casted, you can continue your work in laptop. Those work won't interrupts your streaming video in TV. If you open a Word document then that won't appear in the TV.

Using Android or iPhone devices:

Unlike Chrome browser, it won't any extension or software. The chromecast icon will be automatically generated in apps like YouTube, Google Movies, Google Music, Netflix ect. You can find the Google cast icon in all those app once Chromecast is available in the network. 

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