Windows Phone App I purchased for $25 gift voucher

I got a gift voucher of $25 from Windows Phone store. This voucher is provided by Nokia to selected Lumia Phones. If you didn't get this voucher click here to check whether your phone is eligible for the offer. I felt very happy when $25 credited in my wallet account. There is expiry date for the credited amount, so I should react fast to utilize the whole amount. So I searched in internet to figure out the best paid apps in Windows Store. I was not impressed with the list. All the list contain apps from categories like social networking, browser and video player. All those apps were related to Facebook or WhatsApp. I don't want to waste my money on it. So I took the work in my hand. I downloaded apps by good looking icon plus ratings. By this strategy I got few nice apps. I focused mostly on games, if you are looking for productivity apps then skip this list.


1. Tap the frog - $0.99
This is first game I downloaded from the gift voucher. It is very funny and entertaining game. 
2. Contre Jour - $2.99
I found this game in Top Paid + raising. I thought it will be a crap but I was proved wrong. Its really a awesome game and worth paying $2.99.
3. JellyCar 3 - $1.99
I found this app is just launched in Windows Phone store. So I gave a try and its wonderful. 
I am fan for this game. I have this game in Facebook, Android and now running in my Windows Phone. 
5. Mush - $2.99
This game was listed in top paid in Windows store. This game was developed by Microsoft. It is a creative game.


1. iFun - $1.99
It is an iPhone simulator app. It brings iPhone user interface to your Windows Phone. 
2. Flashlite Pro - $0.99
It is an utility app. It is basically a flash lite app and it has additional feature like battery meter, compass and strobe effect.

I found the above app list interesting. All the apps mentioned above don't need much storage. Don't download games with size more than 100 MB, you may end up with launching issues. Apart from above list I downloaded some apps that is not up to the mark. Share your best paid apps.

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