Stages in Brave Heroes Android/iOS game

Brave Heroes is available in Android and iOS platform. It is a tower defense kind of game, in addition you need to destroy enemy tower. Unlike weapons in tower defence game, here heroes and soldiers were used to defence as well as destroy tower. Heroes play a vital role to protect ourselves from invading enemies.

I played the game for 3 days. First 8 stages are very easy and I thought it is the case for all stages. Happily headed to new levels and I stuck very badly after stage 20. I was forced to remove old hero and train new hero to my party. It is really time taking task. But I followed this trick and got coins, exp faster. After pushing a lot I reached stage 40. I expected it is my last stage and played with a grin. Then I realized that there are another 10 sets. I stopped at stage 41.

Challenges after Stage 41:

After stage 41, there will be 6 enemy heroes with exp level 46. In previous sets there will be only 5 enemy heroes. To defeat enemy heroes in stage 41, your heroes should be atleast with level 45. Some heroes were restricted to level 40. It means you need to train new heroes who are in level 1. To train one hero to level 45, it takes minimum one day. Below are my available hero and their experience level.
So to complete stage 50 I need to purchase coins for real money. Let me know if you have crossed stage 50.

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