Sony Smart Watch goes desi targeting Chennai, Bangalore and New Delhi

Sony Smart Watch details:
Launch date in India - Available (June 2012)
Price - Rs. 6,299
Specs  attracted - Simplicity and responsive
Rating - 7.5 out of 10
Market - Chennai, Bangalore and New Delhi

Sony Watch now reached the new innovative milestone. They started to manufacture their gadget even compact than before. These watches were already available abroad. They want to spread their gadget in India. Smart watch by Sony cost you 6K and there will be expectation for this cost. Don't worry sony made you some impressive specification and features that you really attract.

Sony Smart Watch - What does it have: First thing that enters our mind can we buy Sony Smart Watch.  Sony Smart watch allows the user  to read SMS, email, calendar reminders and social networking updates. Calling options such as rejecting a call, muting a call and attending a call can be done through this smart watch. Will be useful who involves faster lifestyle. Imagine you are in a trekking or mountain climbing surely this watch is a good mate to you.

Sony Smart Watch - How it functions: This is not a separate mobile. It functions with bluetooth. You need to sync your mobile with this Sony Smart Watch. It is just like listening to the music through bluetooth headset. This time this Sony watch is compatible with all android mobiles. Previous watches released by Sony were compatible only with Sony mobile.

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