Upcoming Apple product would be iPad mini

iPad mini in India:
Apple next target is to cover the tablet revolution. You don't believe the next iPad is low cost tablet. After the release of Amazon kindle fire everyone target is to  take the place of it. Even the giant Google is trying to take the place of Amazon kindle fire. Now the iPad mini will be 7 inch whereas the previous version were 9 inch. Apple technicians assures that it resembles same as the previous iPad. Steps were taken to run the apps that were available in previous iPad versions. The secret of low cost is low storage capacity. iPad mini has got 8GB of storage capacity. It reminds us the iPod 8GB which marketed at low cost (comparing with Apple products). Late Apple CEO  Steve Jobs will not encourage this iPad mini if he is still alive. But present technicians of iPad  predicted that no one is interested to watch videos or play games in small screen. So iPod and iPhones will be out of fashion. 7inch iPad mini with low cost will be decent and attracts more audience. 

iPad mini in Indian market:
Cost of iPad mini in India - Below Rs:13,600 
Launch date of iPad mini in India - Later October 2012

iPad mini comparison with iPad 3
Previous iPad product were tagged with the price above 25K. This will be pleasant surprise for everyone who needs to own their new tablet. Since most of the tablet were launched with the size of 7inch there will not be any guilty feeling about the new Apple product. No official announcement were made even though previously there were words about Apple iPad mini.  While crawling along the website I found that iPad mini were already manufactured. Only thing is the iPad mini release in the market.  I hope some features will be reduced as the price of iPad mini is subjected to low cost. The release date is predicted as September in foreign countries. So I am pretty sure that it will reach Indian market duly after October. Even you can by in online sites like Amazon. Catch you with specification of iPad mini and iPad mini review later. 

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