Specification of Sony NWZ-W262 w series Walkman

Sony NWZ-W262 is a stylish Walkman comes with 2GB memory capacity.  Sony NWZ has a new facility called quick recharge which is accomplished within 3 minute which is capable to play songs for 1hr. It takes 1hour and 30 minute to recharge fully. Charging is done using the USB microB connector which is provided in the box. File can be synchronized using high speed USB 2.0 port. This  wireless Walkman weights only 30grams. This Walkman supports mp3, wma, AAC-LC and PCM formats. Accessories provided in the box are Ear buds, USB cable, holder and original Sony w series disc.  

Buttons features available in Sony NWZ-W262:
This Walkman doesn't have display and it is a neck holder type. The buttons were used for play/pause, volume control, next/previous song and shuffle. So it contains totally 4 buttons.

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