Sony NWZ - W262 digital music player review (2GB)

 The Sony NWZ-W262 is a water resistant neckband type of mp3 player optimized to use under sweaty or wet conditions. It is one of the product of Sony w series Walkman.  However this is not completely water proof. Sony has targeted athletes and joggers with this model. It has 2gb of memory space.

Pros/Advantages of Sony NWZ-W262  mp3 player
  • Excellent music quality
  • Good built quality, though the neck band is made of wire, it is strong and gives a rugged feeling
  • Light weight, weighs just 32 grams.
  • All 3 sizes of ear-buds is provided in d box to fit every user.(S, M, L)
  • Easy to use controls.
  • It gives 1.7gb of memory space to the user.
  • Good battery backup and burst charge mode is available, where 3 minutes of usb charging gives nearly an hour of music playback, and full charge gives 8hrs of playback
  • It is water resistant and sony has mentioned it can be worn even when having a shower. but however any other solvent other than water might damage the player(shampoo, oil)
  • LED indicates the status of the player and charge remaining.
  • Data transfer software is given in the memory of the player and it is easy to use. It allows drag and drop of songs.
  • Available in four different eye catchy dual tone colors.
  • A holder is provided in the box to place the player when it is not i use so that the shape of the neckband does not deform.
  • Supports WMA and AAC file formats as well.
  • One year warranty by sony.
Cons/Disadvantages of Sony NWZ-W262 mp3 player
  • It doesn't have a display.
  • No equalizer. It has only one preset equalizer which can't be changed neither.
  • It is not completely water proof. Ear-bud region when exposed to direct flow of water, may cause the device to malfunction.
  • No micro sd slot is available. 
  • Doesn't have the conventional 3.5 mm headset jack. Hence you cant couple the player with speakers.
  • Very low inbuilt memory for the price.
  • It doesn't provide complete noise isolation. 
  • It has an unconventional design. People easily mistake it for a bluetooth headset or a hearing aid.
Price: Rs.4999 

Specifications of Sony NWZ walkman

  • 2GB memory
  • USB charger
  • Shuffler type
  • PC sync
If you feel that the internal memory 2gb is not sufficient, you can go for Sony NWZ-W263, which is same as the above model, but has a memory of  4gb.

Overall verdict is Sony NWZ-W262 mp3 player is a decent device with good music quality crafted for active lifestyle.

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