Redmi Note 5 Pro Pros & Cons

I bought my Redmi Note 5 on 22nd February on the Flipkart flash sale. I have been using this phone for almost 2 weeks. In this post I have listed the pros and cons of  Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Key points
Launch date - February 2018
RAM -  6 GB / 4 GB
Storage -  64GB
Chipset -  Snapdragon 636
Price -  17K rupee for 6 GB RAM variant and 14K rupee 4 4GB RAM variant

What I like in Redmi Note 5 Pro
The build quality of the phone is good and it looks modern with 18:9 screen ratio. It is easy to hold in a single hand even though the screen size is almost 6 inch. The front part of the phone look stylish with no physical keys and looks like a bezel less screen. In the back we have a dual camera which is placed like iPhone X.This phone has got an LED and lights up when you get the notification.

This phone has a single speaker at the bottom and it is loud. you also have 3.5 mm headphone jack at the opposite side of speaker.

The cellular network reception is very good in this phone. I can say this because I have two phone with Airtel sim, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro had full tower while the other  phone had half tower. Redmi Note 5 Pro supports Jio (Volte) and  it allowed me to make calls without installing the voice app.

Redmi note 5 Pro has Snapdragon 636  processor which is new in the market. This is actually a good thing because many mobiles still use old Snapdragon processor. Redmi Note 5 Pro is the first smartphone to use Snapdragon 636 processor and has a new Adreno 509 GPU.

Since it has got the new processor I was very curious about the battery life. It has 4000 MA power battery. I can get the battery  backup for almost 1 and  half day. If we just consider that time the screen is ON, it is 8 hours.  I am confident that if you don't connect to internet  battery backup will last for almost 2 days.

Initially I was sceptical what an 10000 rupees phone can perform on its camera.This phone proved be wrong, the camera image quality is good  and with its dual camera you can shoot portrait mode photos like you do in iPhone x. The front camera is best in class in this price range and even it supports portrait mode.

What I don't like in Redmi Note 5 Pro
Though the front view is awesome I am not happy with the back part of the phone. I feel the antenna design is not good. They could have placed the antenna like Redmi A1.

LED in the phone only lights up in white colour. I am not sure if we can enable multi colour LED in Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. We just have to wait for some ROM  or software update to do this.

I have compared 4 GB RAM variant of Redmi Note 5 Pro with 6 GB RAM variant of Redmi Note 5 Pro.  I feel so  xiaomi is charging more  cost for 6 GB RAM given the performance is almost same.  With 6 GB RAM phone you can open additional apps but the price is not convincible. Moreover the gaming performance is same in both the variants.

Phone gets warm when I continuously use internet from mobile data. It get warm slower when I am connected to Wi-Fi. It may be due to the aluminium back but the good thing is it's not getting too much hot. However it doesn’t affect the performance.

The specification of Snapdragon 636 chipset supports 4K video but It is restricted to 1080 p videos. I feel video quality is poor as well.

Phone supports fast charging but in the box it comes with normal charger.If you want to buy fast charger go with Xiaomi charger. I tried with a charger certified as Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, but it is not charging fast. So it is better to go with Xiaomi charger (India Standard Adapter 9V 2A).

This device is still running on Android N,  I think we need to wait for Android Oreo update.

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