My experience with Microsoft launcher

I was a Google Nexus 5 user and recently I switched to Xperia XZ premium. By default Sony has their own launcher and it supports themes. I felt it was bit heavy as I am used to Google Now launcher. In all Nexus phone you will get Google Now launcher by default which gives you stock Android experience which feels really lightweight. Then I came to know Microsoft has launched their own launcher and I tried it for past 45 days. I have written my experience with Microsoft launcher in this post.

After I installed Microsoft launcher I expected to be slow but it was really fast and it has gesture options. I was used to gesture options as I was using BlackBerry Z3. You feel gesture is faster than navigating by clicking the icons. In Microsoft launcher, you can just swipe up to get to the home screen. After using the option for 4 or 5 days you feel it is natural. You can get to the quick launcher by swiping from the bottom of the screen just like the way it was in iPhone. If you have phone greater than 5 inch this option is really handy. Like Google Now cards Microsoft also provides feeds like most contacted person, news, frequently used apps, calendar and to do.

This app is available in Google play store for free. This launcher was previously known as Arrow launcher. You have lot of customization options available like you get in Nova Launcher.

Launcher settings
Microsoft has provided lot of options in launcher settings. First thing I did is to change the default search engine from Bing to Google. You can get to the launcher setting by force clicking the home screen and then you will find launcher settings. If you have a Windows PC you will be able to send SMS directly from Windows 10 PC.  To control your phone from Windows PC you have to sign in to the Microsoft account.

I have already mentioned about the Gesture feature,  you can customise them under the launcher settings. One of my most used gesture option is to double tap to sleep. You can still launch Google Assistant by long pressing the home icon even in Microsoft launcher.

Microsoft SMS Organiser app
It has one cool feature in SMS organiser app which made me to write it in a separate section. We are used to make payments from mobile and for each payment we need to enter OTP. Microsoft SMS organiser app automatically highlights the OTP and gives option to copy just the OTP  number. This will come handy when you are saying from Chrome browser or any Browser in Android phone. This feature is also available in MIUI (Xiaomi phones).

This app categorizes the SMS into promotional, transactional and personal. So you will see only important messages in the personal section and things like bank balance, bank deduction will be received under transactional.The best parties all the junk and promotional SMS will be received under promotional section.This feature is similar to Gmail where  the email get categorised based on the content.

Automatic wallpaper change
If you are in Windows 10 PC you might notice that wallpaper changes automatically every day. This launcher by default has this feature.We also have an option to manually change the wallpaper by taping the wallpaper icon in the home screen.

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