Jio selling free call not data

I went through the Jio plans and it looks pretty convincing but not wait. I was excited only about the data offer but it seems I have to pay Rs.149 for 300 MB. Does the number looks familiar? Yes this is same data required to update your Android smartphone. My expectation was something equivalent to data provided via wired broadband. I am ready to pay Rs.1000 for 50 GB of data for 28 days and pay extra for voice calls. I currently pay Rs.1100 approx for 100 GB data 30 days for wired broadband. Thanks to HD videos without which I won't be able to churn data.

Does that mean Jio is bad?

NO, I can't deny that they have done excellent job in slashing voice call price. You pay Rs. 149 for unlimited call which no operator does currently. Airtel provides unlimited calls with broadband but they have to understand I can't take my landline with me. All you have to ask yourself is, are you paying more than Rs.149 with current operator? If the answer is yes then you can go for this SIM.

Who can buy this SIM?

As I said before, only if your current voice call expense go more than Rs.149 then you can go for it. If you are planning to buy this sim for data then you need to have clarity on below things.
1. How much do I need to pay if data utilization is more than 300MB?
2. Is there any booster packs for data?
3. Will my phone support Jio?

The problem with 4G is the network is too fast which can lead to unexpected data usage. For example, software update, app updates, Facebook/WhatsApp/YouTube video buffer. There any many unexpected data loses which will attract additional data charge.

SMS not attractive

SMS option provided by Jio is not actually a offer. Your partner must also have good SMS plan to reply. After TRAI restrictions of 100 SMS per day, people rarely use SMS packs. Instead Jio could have provided special data pack for WhatsApp. 

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