Moto E - restarting every now and then when clicking on the unlock button

I have Moto E 1st generation. It is restarting every now and then when clicking on the unlock button, which is very annoying. Suggest me how to fix it ?

I haven't installed any third party apps and also tried resetting the factory settings but with no help.

Problem cause and solution:

Lakhs of Moto e 1st gen Mobiles getting this problem. Me and my friends phones also faced this. It is a mother board issue. You can do any one of the following to fix the issue.

1. Give it to service center they changed mother board.
2. If you have no warranty download power volume app from play store it doesn't need power button to screen off.

Try to use screenlock/unlock applications instead for power button to avoid restarting. because some Moto E 1st gen mobiles have more sensitive in power button. You can also use gravity screen. If you are not familiar with gravity screen, install tap tap app for unlock and install screen off app for lock the mobile.  

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