FolderMount for Moto E to play games bigger than 1GB

It is not possible to store games bigger than 1GB in your internal memory. Apps occupies most of the internal memory. FolderMount allows you to move the data from internal storage to SD Card.

Technically, FolderMount creates a link between SD card and internal storage. So the physical files like obb files for the game gets stored in the SD card and only the shortcut get stores in internal memory.

Using this app you can move most of your data from internal storage to SD card. Since Moto E has very less internal memory you can use this app to games bigger than 700 MB  to 1 GB. I have done this with games like GTA San Andreas, GTA 3 and GTA Vice City etc.

The best part is I have all the games in my phone. Below is the screenshot showing the list of games I have in my phone.

The total size of above games is more than 15 GB. I am using 32 GB memory card. Using FolderMount app is easy. Just follow the video tutorial in the Play Store to start using FolderMount.

Note: Your phone must be rooted to use this app.

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