Windows Phone Game: Tank invaders (RAM: 512 MB, genre: Strategy)

Tanks Invaders is voted as best mobile game in many Windows Phone gaming forums. This is a new strategy game Windows platform.

Publisher: Mgaia Studio 
Size: 48.96 MB (92.30 MB after installation) 
Price: Free 
RAM required: 512 MB minimum 
Compatibility: WP8

Here are three sentences to remember about that game: A wacky arcade game, boss fights surprising, intuitive touch-based shooting mechanics. Tanks Invaders, first developed and published by Studio Mgaia game has a simple and addictive concept. The game play? Tap cars and tanks that appear on your screen. In fact, cars (and sometimes tanks) scroll across your screen and you have to press them, and as quickly as possible. You must tap and, depending on the vehicle, a number will be set. For example, for a car, you have to press once on the screen. For a tank, twice, and so on.

When you tap the screen, you can launch a missile that destroys everything in its path. But since the game is 2D / 3D, you should not just rely on a car, stupidly. Depending on the speed of the vehicle, you must (mostly) just tap in front of it, since it takes a split second for the missile "triggers."

The game is pretty good and, even better; it also runs well on devices with 512 MB RAM. What more? The game (tested on a Nokia Lumia 520) works great on all devices, despite a little lag occasionally.

In short, Tanks Invaders is a mixing 2D / 3D game, offering a simple but original game play with unique and quirky spirit, giving access to many levels and some relaxation if you have time on your hands.

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