Stable ROMs for Android phone you can consider installing

I installed and tried many ROMs in my Android device. Not all of them are exciting, here I have given some best ROMs that you can give a try. The ROMs listed here are stable and won't alter your phone performance yet you can enjoy additional features.


If your phone supports CynogenMod then go for it. You can see many mobile maufacturers were preferring this ROM. It is only because of its stability. You can check whether you device support or not in the below like.

CyanogenMod supported devices -

Using the same link you can download CyanogenMod ROM.

This is the widely used ROM and so you will get unlimited support for this ROM. After all you will get additional apps like video screencast, themes and enhanced notification feature.

Additional feature in this ROM is not a very huge list.

Paranoid Android

This ROM supports all Nexus devices. Apart from that it support several device and those details can be found in official website.

Download Paranoid Android -

There are many additional feature than CynogenMod. This ROM is based on CyanogenMod. Most of the additional feature are based on customization. So using it you can customize your Android device in the way you want.

Since the whole point of using this ROM is cutomization, it gets boring after some time. If you are good at customization you love it or else you feel it boring.


This device support wide range of devices than any other ROM. If your device doesn't support any of the above ROM, you can try this.

Device compatiblity list -
Download link -

This is very light version ROM. You no need to worry if your device has less RAM memory.

Updating take much time than other ROM.

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